Exotic Hunts
Exclusive hunting of exotics on over 12,000 acres in both low and high fence pastures.
- Trophy List -
Blackbuck Antelope$1650
Black Hawaiian Rams$900
Texas Dall Rams$1100
4-Horned Rams$900
Corsican Rams$900
Mouflon Rams$1500
Ibex (Nubian)$200 per inch
Elk$2500 & up
Scimitar Horned Oryx Bulls$2950
Scimitar Horned Oryx Cows$1900
Red Stag$1500 & up
Axis doe hunts are available (limited)
Many Others Available - call for price and availability

- Axis Doe Hunts -
Each year I conduct axis doe hunts on a very large ranch North of Rocksprings. Hunts are conducted from June through January. Hunting is done from my double cab truck. Shot distances are normally under 100 yards. I take a maximum of two hunters at a time.

Cost is $200 per day for one hunter plus $50 for each additional hunter/oberserver, plus a harvest fee of $200 per doe. Hunters are responsible for skinning their does. Hightly successful, fun hunt.

- Terms and Conditions -
A $250 deposit will confirm your hunt. Trophy fees will apply to any game taken or wounded. Guide fees are $200/day (1x1), plus $50 for each additional hunter or observer.

Accommodations are available in Rocksprings, with a range of prices and comforts. I cater to individual hunters or small groups. You will be the only clients hunting a ranch during your stay.

Taxidermy and meat processing can be arranged to meet your needs.

Cancellations- Deposits and/or partial payments are non-refundable. You are allowed to send someone in your place.

Prices effective August 15, 2014. Subject to change without notice.

Texas Resident
Non-resident exotic
Non-resident native game
- - - - - - $25
$48 (5 day)