Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia. There are a lot of passionate Australian sports betting fans that get some of the best cricket action to wager on in their local matches.

With a fantastic international team and world class local teams, Australia is a cricket bettor’s heaven.

World class teams require world class sports betting. This is why online sport betting is the way to go for all your wager needs.

With real money wagers, promotions and free software, online sports betting offers members value for money and extreme convenience.

The Australia Teams

Cricket in Australia is divided into 6 organisations that represent each of the Australian states. These organisations consist of Western Australian,  Victoria, Tasmanian, South Australian, Queensland and  NSW.

These organisations offer bettors in Australia great cricket action with their regional teams.

Interstate Competitions For Betting

The biggest local Cricket action is in the three premier events on the Australian calendar. The Sheffield Shield is the tournament for first class cricket action.

The Matador BBQ’s Cup is the domestic one day competition that offers fast paced one day events. One of the events that is growing the fasted in popularity is the KFC Big Bash League that offers Twenty20 action.

These competitions are further supplemented by the Women’s National Cricket league and the Women’s Big Bash League. These events offer exciting opportunities for rewarding sports wagers at online betting sites.

 Real Money Match Wagers

Real money cricket betting in Australia means that using a smartphone or home computer you can potentially pocket some big wins.

Online sport betting has very competitive odds in the favour of players. Bet sites set their own odds on matches.

In practice you will find that online sports betting sites offer better odds than many land based betting parlours in order to get more bettors to join their sites and to offer strong competition to land based bet shops.

Safe And Secure Online Betting

Many people in Australia want to take part in online Cricket wagering but they are concerned about their personal information and the question of internet security.

Internet security is not just a concern for players but also for the betting sites. They want to protect bettors in order to maintain a good relationship with their members but also to protect their own security.

Betting sites know the importance of online privacy which is why they use state of the art encryption software to protect your personal information as well as their own.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals To Your Account

Data encryption comes into play when you want to make deposit or withdrawals to take part in cricket wagering.

Encryption software keeps your online transactions secure but also private. You can easily withdraw your winnings from your sports betting account using online payment services or debit and credit card facilities.

Once you have felt how simple and convenient online sport betting on cricket matches is, you won’t ever go back to land based sports betting.

Having a barbeque with friend with your own personal book maker right in your pocket is the way to live.