The Cash n Clover slot game is made by Cryptologic. It features a well-realised theme based around a group of delightful leprechauns, all of whom seem to have close friendships with a selection of incredibly cute forest wildlife.

The characters are all brought to life with a pleasant cartoon art style, offering a rich visual experience that is not seen in many similar slot games. The soundtrack of the game is likewise done well, with each spin of the reels accompanied by a snippet of distinctly Irish music. In terms of game play the Cash N Clovers slot game uses a five reel system, which is not unusual. What is unusual is that the game utilises a massive one hundred individual betting lines, all of which are manually adjustable by the player.

This is, obviously, a rather great deal more betting lines then the majority of other slot games offer, especially being that the betting lines are interactive. The result is a highly strategic slot game experience that offers an immense level of customisation. Some slot players will surely appreciate the unique approach taken by the Cash n Clovers developers, while others may find the immense amount of betting lines to be overwhelming. Either way, the game is unique in many regards, and certainly worth a look.

Symbols in More Detail

The delightful leprechauns in the Cash N Clovers slot have already been mentioned, so lets see what the little guys offer in terms of payouts. The most valuable symbol in the game is the leprechaun with the red hair and beard. He seems thrilled to be the centre of attention, and who can blame him, being as that he is worth more then double the next most valuable symbol, assuming he is matched the maximum of five times.

Next in line, in terms of value, is the lady leprechaun, complete with adorable sunhat. She will payout far less then the redheaded leprechaun, but will still be worth looking out for.

Then comes the pipe-smoking leprechaun, followed by the rabbit with unreasonably large ears, and impossibly blue eyes. The least valuable picture symbol, and perhaps the reason he looks so annoyed, is the feisty squirrel. The remaining symbols in the game are the traditional jack, queen, king, and ace of playing cards, which offer only meagre payouts.

Cash N Clovers Bonuses

Unlike the rewards in other casino games on offer here, there are only two bonus symbols in the Cash N Clovers slot game, including the golden coin and the rainbow bonus. The golden coin in he Cash N Clovers slot game acts as a wild symbol, and will match with all other symbols to create matching sequences. For example, two aces may match with the golden coin, which will grant a three aces payout. Note that in this game the wild may not match with itself, and only with other symbols.

The rainbow bonus symbol appears as a rainbow descending into a pot of gold. If this symbol matches on the first and fifth reel a bonus mini-game will be triggered. In the mini-game the player must select symbols from a range of fifteen. Upon three revealed symbols matching, the player will be granted a prize according to the value.