Most of us have been in a situation where we’ve needed extra cash. It could be that you’ve just been retrenched, need to save up for a special occasion, or simply want to take advantage of any free cash giveaway possible to add to your life savings, either way cash sweepstake entries are probably the simplest form of giveaways that don’t cost a cent for you to take advantage of.

What are Cash Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes is an easy solution to potentially winning prizes all at no cost. Unlike the lottery or any other gambling game to take part in a sweepstake entry you won’t part with any cash, it’s a free entry. Sweepstakes are generally used by companies or businesses as a form of marketing for their products and/or services to attract attention to the item at task. Cash sweepstakes, instead of being awarded a physical prize for testing a certain product or viewing a certain site, you will be awarded cash instead. Winners are only drawn at random so these games are 100% reliant on luck.

Originally this form of prize-giving games started off as a lottery-style game that required some form of payment to enter but due to certain countries laws on gambling they switched it over to include ‘no purchase necessary to enter or win’ to bypass the concerning laws.

Various Sweepstakes on Offer

There are so many available these days that most of the time they are categorised. General sweepstakes is when a player is required to enter a contest sometimes not linked to the product in question, they could ask you to enter your email address as an act to increase their company database, or they could ask you to share a link in the hopes of gaining more website visits for example. Once you have completed the set out task you can be rewarded with various prizes including cash, vouchers, and sometimes include big ticket items such as a car or a trip overseas.

There are also instant win sweepstakes where you don’t have to wait for the prize draw and could potentially win the set out prize on the spot.

There are also mail-in sweepstakes that require entries via registered mail, this might be a slightly more tedious process but the pro’s with this version is that a lot of people shy away from the hassle automatically increasing your chances of winning.

Drop box sweepstakes is literally filling in a questionnaire and physically dropping your entry into the box to await the draw; these are often found at shops/centres.

There are quite a few others, they all work in much the same way including text sweepstakes, call-in’s and radio contests.

How to Enter Cash Sweepstakes

Cash sweepstakes are by far the more popular game to follow as naturally everyone prefers a cash payout opposed to receiving a product or service. To enter cash sweepstakes it’s simply a matter of keeping your eyes and ears to the ground and subscribing to various sweepstake sites as well.

It’s good to know that entry frequencies almost always do apply and can limit players to between 1 and 5 entries at a time on average, this is in place to eradicate abuse and to promote fair game play.

River Belle Casino Canada entries are one of the more popular options to go for based on the convenience behind it, but definitely doesn’t limit you to partake in physical sweepstakes too.