The Arabian Caravan Slot Game

The Arabian Caravan Slot Game is brought to you by Genesis Studios. The theme of the game is firmly set in the desert, and players will see about as many sand dunes as if they were watching Lawrence of Arabia on repeat. This is not a bad thing, however, as the developers have gone a long way to making the endless sands artistically appealing.

The game in general has fairly good graphics, but the Arabian Caravan slot game is getting along in years, and modern slot game players will perhaps have been expecting slightly more detailed symbol designs. In terms of game play, however, the play system is deep and full surprises, so a good time can still be had by both veteran and beginner slot game players alike.

Play Systems

A 5 reel All Pays system is used, meaning that there are a massive 243 possible matching sequences. This is good news as far as winning potential is concerned, but the down side is that the betting lines are locked by default, with all betting lines active during every spin. This does rob the game of strategy, which some players will certainly not be happy about. The highly engaging bonus mini-game, however, that has players traversing a hazardous desert, will be more then enough to make up for the lack of strategy for more casual players who play at crazy luck internet casino.

Brave The Desert Sands

The Arabian Caravan slot game is big on sand, as has already been said, and the mini-game takes this to the next level. Upon matching the scatter symbol, which appears as a camel silhouetted against a bright sun, the player will have to try and cross the desert. This is done by selecting locations on the map, which will reveal ether an oasis, or sand. The oasis will grant payouts, and the sand will end the bonus sequence. Those lucky enough to get to the other side of the desert will get a major jackpot payout. Best grab your biggest water skin for this mini-game, the desert is an apparently dangerous, but highly lucrative place to be exploring.

Symbol Designs

A mysterious Arabian trader seems to be the star of the Arabian Caravan slot game. Wearing a turban, and having a rather unsettling stare, this mysterious figure must be the leader of the desert traversing caravan. He is also the most valuable symbol in the game, offering massive payouts if matched the maximum of 5 times. The next most valuable symbols are some of the wares the trader sells, including a drinking jug and an elaborate hookah pipe.

The least valuable symbols in the game are the traditional playing card numbers, including 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace. It is a shame that Genesis did not use slightly more creative symbol designs in this case, but it is a nice touch that each number is backed by ominous desert sands. Either way, as is expected, the playing card numbers do not pay out a great deal, even when matched 5 times.