The genre of multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, games, dominates in both the eSports and PC gaming worlds as a whole, and the most popular title in this group of games is League of Legends, or LoL. eSports betting League of Legends is a wildly popular pastime all around the world, and players are making money hand over fist thanks to the possibilities it is able to provide.

League of Legends was originally modelled after the Defence of the Ancients mods in Warcraft III by Blizzard Entertainment. Riot Games, the developer behind LoL, designed a standalone product that was based on the MOBA concept, and online gaming as it was known up to that point changed forever. eSports betting League of Legends activity is now a major hobby for many people, both players themselves and those who do not participate in this manner with the games, and more and more traditional bookmakers are making opportunities available for individuals who are interested in this activity.

Starting eSports Betting League of Legends

In a competitive setting, eSports betting Australia revolves around the five versus five matchups in which the victory condition is the destruction of the so-called nexus structure in the opposing team’s base. These bases are linked to one another by means of three paths, often referred to as lanes, and these are the primary method by which each of the teams engages the other. Each lane is made up of the following:

  • Minions

These are spawned by the various bases at repeated intervals, and their purpose is to attack the base belonging to the opposing team’s players. Killing minions with so-called last hits will net each player gold, with which he or she is able to purchase items and experience in order to gain fresh levels and extra abilities

  • Turrets

These are defensive structures that are able to fire projectiles at enemy minions and players

  • Inhibitors

These are structures which are located at the ends of each lane. Destroying one of these allows players to create a powerful new minion, which is then able to lead the charge against an enemy base

Between the lanes players will find jungle areas, and these are peopled with neutral monsters that players can kill off in exchange for gold; buffs; and experience. Understanding all these aspects of play is vital for those who wish to begin eSports betting League of Legends activities.

How League of Legends Play Unfolds

In order to gain proper returns when it comes to eSports betting League of Legends, it is very important that the bettor have a basic grasp of how the game’s action will be unfolding.

Essentially, each player taking part in a League of Legends game will control a champion, and this champion will have special abilities. These champions are dissimilar to one another in terms of the effects of their abilities; the type of damage they are able to output; and the statistics that make up their characters. Based on these qualities, players and the champions they control will all fulfil different roles, bringing these together to form a team of five in order to create the most formidable team possible.