Created by Bally Technologies, Cash Wizard is an online casino slot game featuring up to 5 unique bonus features alongside the normal gameplay. Bally Technologies is renown in the online slot machine world, having won a number of different rewards over the years. The game itself is a 30 line, 5 reel slot where bonus features can be triggered extremely often, making Cash Wizard a joy to play in comparison with slot games of the same nature.

One of the first features that set Cash Wizard apart is the total stake that is automatically reserved. Up to 60% of the total stake wagered by the player is reserved, and is not taken into account when the total winnings are being calculated. This means that there is a much lower risk involved when playing Cash Wizard, and far less of the staked amount can be lost after an unsuccessful spin.

Cash Wizard Bonuses

While there are a number of other slot games on the web that use a reserve bonus bet, many of them don’t make this feature advantageous to the player. Cash Wizard, however, rewards the player by making two trigger events happen often. These are the Wizard Wilds, and the Magic Mystery Wheel, and once triggered, give the player access to more features found in Cash Wizard. For example, the Wizard Wilds adds 5 wilds to the playing screen instantly, and these wilds can be used to complete combinations. The Mystery Wheel, on the other hand, is a mini game that can either award free spins, or trigger a huge cash bonus in the form of jackpots and multipliers.

The bonus features land at random, but players will find that they also land extremely frequently, and many small wins can be landed every 2 to 3 spins.

Cash Wizard Bonus Bet

This is an amount that is automatically reserved by the game, and can be up to 60% of the total stake. Having the bonus bet switched on also enables the other various features that can be found in the game.

Cash Wizard Online Slot Icons

Cash Wizard Invisible Ink

This is a unique symbol in Cash Wizard, and can only be found on reels 3 during regular gameplay. Landing this symbol awards a multiplier to the total winnings.

Cash Wizard Wild Symbol

The wild in Cash Wizard acts the same as a typical wild, allowing the players to use it as a substitute for all other symbols in the game.

Cash Wizard Free Spins

Like accessing free bets in cricket betting online, a special symbol with the words Free Games can be landed on reels 2, 3, and 4, and gives the player a set amount of free spins. Three of these symbols guarantees 15 free spins, as well as a 3x multiplier to total winnings.

Cash Wizard Potions

Only found on reels 1, 2, and 3, potions are special symbols that have a chance of landing while playing the base game of Cash Wizard. The potions, once landed, trigger a bonus feature where players can pick from a number of different potions that have unique prizes. This mini game is ended once the cursed potion is selected. If the cursed potion is not selected, however, an additional prize will be awarded to the player.

Cash Wizard Slot in Summary

The base game of Cash Wizard is a traditional slot that, while enjoyable to play, is made even more interesting with the huge amount of bonus features that can be triggered often.