Ice hockey is arguably the most popular sport in Canada with matches taking place year-round at every level from amateur to professional. The modern form of ice hockey as it is played today began in the late 19th century in Canada, and is widely-considered to be country’s national past-time with high levels of participation at various levels of competition.

Thanks to the incredible popularity of ice hockey in Canada, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in online sports betting with major tournaments such as the Stanley Cup taking place on an annual basis. Live betting on ice hockey has become particularly popular, especially during NHL matches, and with our help you will have everything you need to get started.

How Does Live Betting Work?

Live betting is a recent addition to many sports betting sites and is unlike what most players in Canada have experienced before. What makes live betting so different from other forms of online sports betting is that wagers can be placed after the sports match has already started, right up until the match’s conclusion. Live betting is also known as in-play betting, so don’t be concerned if it goes by a different name at your favourite sports betting site.

Live betting on ice hockey has become particularly popular amongst punters in Canada as being able to watch some of the match before placing a wager allows for a clearer picture of how the match will run. Of course, there are plenty of surprising twists and turns in most ice hockey matches, which provide even more thrilling opportunities with live betting.

Wide Range of Ice Hockey Live Bets

Live betting on ice hockey is an absolute rollercoaster ride as wagers all have time-limits attached, so punters in Canada will have to really keep their wits about them. As play progresses, the range of wagers will change, and punters will only have so much time to decide whether to take up the wager or not. This really turns sports betting on its head, as many punters do plenty of research before taking up wagers usually.

Before you can develop your live betting sports betting strategy for ice hockey, you will first need to familiarise yourself with the range of wagers that will generally be on offer.

Totals: predict the score total for the 1st or 2nd period.

Goals: a range of wagers will be available to choose from, such as which team will score the next goal or will the total goals scored be an odd or even number.

Overtime: wagers can be placed on which team will win the match during overtime or which team will score the next goal.

Finding the Best Sports Betting Sites

Before you can get started with live betting on ice hockey and further develop your sports betting strategy, you will first have to find a sports betting site. Fortunately players in Canada are spoiled for choice when it comes to the best sports betting sites, but it’s important to remember that not all USA online betting sportsbooks are created equally. However, instead of trying to figure out which site is legitimate, you should rather consult a comparison site designed specifically for punters in Canada.

Comparison sites will detail which sports betting sites are worth your time and money and which are not, and will also provide advice from sports betting professionals on a range of betting markets including live betting on ice hockey.