Many years ago an arcade game came out which took the world by storm. This arcade game is still popular today and versions of it have been created for mobile devices and various computers all over the world. Tetris is a game which involves organising differently shaped and coloured blocks into neat rows. This game appeals to the OCD in everyone and has always been oddly satisfying.

Cash Blox by Playtech is a very different kind of online slot as it is based on the famous game Tetris. The slot does not have any paylines as such and works in a totally unique way. Wager amounts range from 0.10 up to 10 coins per spin. As the game does not have paylines you cannot bet a certain amount per line. Cash Blox is a game that will appeal to all players no matter their experience level. This is due to its uniqueness in a world of gambling CA slots who all work in basically the same way.

Arcade Game Graphics

Cash Blox is not a particularly exciting slot to look at. It has been designed to look as similar as possible to the old arcade games which had physical cases. The screen has a depth of field look to it which gives the impression that you are looking at a recessed screen. The buttons at the bottom of the screen have been made to look like physical buttons that depress when you push them. They also have that satisfying noise that the physical buttons used to make.

The actual game is to the left of the screen, with the paytable for lack of a better description, to the right. This paytable changes its values as you wager more or less per spin. The buttons sit at the bottom of the screen and look closer to you than the game does.

The graphics in Cash Blox are all 2D, as they were in the old school game. There is not much detail, and the background is plain black which makes the differently coloured blocks stand out.

Tetris As A Slot

Basically Cash Blox is Tetris, but in slot machine form. The main difference is that you cannot control how the bocks fall. In the actual Tetris game the skill part of it was to change the angle of each block so that it fits in nicely with its neighbour. When a fully solid line was formed that line disappeared. The game was over if you reached the top of the screen.

Cash Blox works in a similar fashion, but without the skill. When you click the play button, a random set of blocks fall from the top of the screen in random positions. Sometimes the blocks will fit with their neighbours, creating a solid line. When this happens the line will disappear and you will win a certain amount of credits. You win more credits for a triple line than for a double. Each spin drops block to the top of the screen, and you have to click the play button again to do another drop.

Magic Blocks

Cash Blox has one special feature that are magic blocks. If you manage to get a line of these you will be granted ten free games, or drops.