Thanks to the popularity of online betting in the New Zealand, bookmakers are vying against each other at a frenetic pace for your membership. One of the main ways these sportsbooks try to motivate you to sign up with their website rather than another is by making various offers available, essentially free money for you to place bets with. Although there are always terms and conditions attached to these bonuses, you will find the stipulations easy to meet, and, as long as you read the fine print carefully, will be able to make use of these as you please.

Types of Betting Offers Available

Introductory, or welcome, free bets are very popular, and all that is required from you to access this offer is that you sign up for a free account with the bookmaker putting it forward.  They usually are made available as a free bet, matched bet or deposit bonus bet, and are a good option for more general bets.

Retention online betting offers are made available to both new customers and patrons already on the site, and can also take various forms. Some are linked to a specific upcoming event at the bookmaker’s, some take the form of cash back specials, reload bonuses, product incentives and enhanced payouts.

Cash back specials will give you some of your money bank should something specific occur, like whether or not a red card is shown during a soccer match, or if your horse arrives in second place. Reload bonuses will have the bookmaker rewarding you when you deposit money into your online account, and usually take the form of a percentage of your deposit amount being given to you by the sportsbook itself. 50% on a NZ$1000 deposit will give you an extra NZ$500 to wager with, which can come in very handy for a particularly big sporting event.

Product incentives are used by the bookmaker to encourage punters to try out new markets or products, and take the form of rewarding you with a free bet if you, for example, sign up for mobile betting in addition to the more widely used online portals. Enhanced payouts will have your winning bet paying out at higher than usual odds, such as double or triple odds, if something in particular occurs during the event, like a goal being scored by a specific player in a soccer match.

Free bets are also occasionally awarded for reasons other than welcoming you to the bookmaker, like successfully betting on the underdog team of a basketball match when that teams sports odds of four to one or more, for example. Bookmakers like to make sure their patrons feel valued, and online betting offers are one way to ensure that you always feel like the valuable punter you are.

Bet and Win Big

This list is not a totally comprehensive one, and there are many other types of offers available, as bookmakers are constantly on the lookout for more ways to not only recruit new business, but keep that which they already have. Keep your eyes open whenever you go online to ensure you never miss anything, and sign up after ensuring you are able to meet the terms and conditions laid out in the fine print.