Breakthroughs in technology have culminated into a global culture demand of more and at a faster rate. Punters in quest of sports betting will be thrilled by the sports betting options available in New Zealand.

All sports betting in New Zealand is managed under a monopoly known as TAB. TAB provides sports betting across the country at fixed odds.

Established under authority of the New Zealand Racing Board, TAB operates over 675 land-based outlets with around 170.000 members.

Recent sponsors of the Perth Cup, TAB aims to maximize potential within all sports betting disciplines in New Zealand.

Offering punters a vast variety of sports betting disciplines, TAB is strictly monitored and regulated, providing punters in New Zealand with fair and efficient sports betting markets.

Land Based Sports Betting

The New Zealand Racing Board continues to dominate all land based sports betting through the monopoly of TAB.

TAB allows for a variety of sports betting markets in New Zealand including rugby, cricket, horse racing, grey hound racing and other niche markets specifically geared for New Zealand, such as sheep shearing.

With wide spread service outlets, a phone service and even dedicated television programming TAB makes fixed odds and pari-mutuels easily accessible and rapidly available.

Online Sports Betting 

The New Zealand Racing Board also controls the only permitted online sports book operating out of New Zealand, coupled with the New Zealand lotteries commission who control the only other gambling site.

Since 1994 New Zealand has adopted a relaxed culture towards sports betting and other wagering activities. The first casino opened up in 1994 with TAB established as far back as 1996.

Today sports betting and wagering in any form is part of New Zealand culture. The government has positioned the Monopoly in order to maximize potential earnings and gear it towards growing New Zealand’s economy.

There are no laws prohibiting the use of online establishments outside of New Zealand, punters can make use of a multiplicity of online sports betting domains available.

This relaxed approach to online sports betting allows punters from New Zealand to select top quality sports betting websites, which allow for even more sports betting action at compelling market related odds.

With online sports betting, punters are not limited to region based markets, online sports betting affords players the opportunity to wager on a host of international sporting events making for a rich and diverse spread of sports betting action like horse racing betting at the races.

The Beauty Of Sports Betting

One of the most rewarding elements in any wagering affair is winning. Residents of New Zealand opting for sports betting or any other wagering activity will be delighted to hear that all winners accumulated from betting are tax-free.

In certain instances the government may impose tax regulations on punters if it is a profession from which you derive an income. Most winnings are defined as recreation and therefore tax-free.

New To Sports Betting 

New players looking to get started with sports betting in New Zealand have brilliant tools available to them. Forums can be used to evaluate sites and select sports betting websites even break down betting and odd structures.

If you are new to sports betting consider placing low limit stakes on a spread of various sports to become accustomed to the structure of traditional sports betting principles. Many sites offer bets from as little as $0.50.